All About Oxbo Muffler and Brakes New Lenox!

Larry Hull is the owner of Oxbo Muffler in New Larry Hull is the owner of Oxbo Muffler in New Lenox, IL. He began working on cars when he was 18 and has mastered his craft over his 35 plus years of experience. He is an expert in exhaust systems.


After working for Midas right out of high school Larry bought into a franchise in 1983. In 1987 he had an opportunity to open his own shop so he sold his franchise and started Oxbo Muffler and has been in the same location in New Lenox, IL ever since.

He developed a following by specializing in work for hot rod and antique cars. Soon anyone who owned a hot rod, project, or antique car in the New Lenox area was coming to Larry to work on their exhaust systems. Larry has the ability to grab a straight pipe and bend it to fit without any instructions; he learned how to do it by eye. This skill was developed and mastered when he first started working at Midas right out of high school. He would get a 35 cent bonus if he used straight tube and bend it because they could then charge more. So to get the extra income Larry began bending straight pipe to fit as good as or better than picking the right part off the shelf.

He prides himself in making exhausts look as uniformed as possible. He says “if you take a model car, flip it over and look at the exhaust system the pipe looks perfect, like a mirrored image. I try to make my work look like that, as perfect as can be.”